Services for Companies and their Expatriates

Our firm is fully capable of handling all German tax and accounting affairs for Non-German Speakers and foreign entities in the English language.

We help foreign individuals (self-employed, contractor, or employee) and their spouses setting up their tax status in Germany, claim children allowance, and advise in respect of potential moving allowances, deductible travel costs, deductible costs for second residence, etc. We will ensure compliance with German financial reporting and tax rules and will comprehensively handle your tax returns. Upon your request, we co-operate with your homeland tax accountant if you have to report worldwide income at home.

We also help foreign companies with the German accounting and tax affairs of their German subsidiaries and branches as well as with the tax affairs of their expatriate employees. Our capabilities include, inter alia, international financial reporting (including reconciliation), transfer pricing, and cross-border debt financing.

Please contact Ms. Roese for further information and scheduling of a cost-free consultation.